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At Kwezy Buses Company, Bring 1 bag on the bus with you and check up to 3 bags in the baggage compartment. #TeamKwezy.

Carry-on baggage Checked baggage
Bring onto the bus Stored under the bus
Must fit in overhead compartment or under seat in front Measuring not more than 0.2 cubic meters
One bag up to 10Kg extra luggage should not exceed 25Kg

# Details
1 Passenger(s) travelling shall be allowed 25kg check-in luggage measuring not more than 0.2 cubic meters.
2 Passenger(s) with extra luggage shall be charged MWK200.00/kg but delicate parcels shall have special rates.
3 Any loss of hand luggage shall not attract liability on Kwezy Buses. The loss of checked-in luggage will not attract any liability and compensation will at the rate of MWK2,000.00 (Two Thousand Kwacha Only) per Kg.
# Details
1 Hazardous items ie. weapons, flammable products and anything which is prohibited under the LAWS OF MALAWI shall not be allowed on board.
2 Livestock, domesticated or wild, shall not be allowed on board unless verified papers are held and boarding of such be confined to the cargo section of the bus.

If you have lost something, please let us know. When calling it is useful to let us know which route you were travelling on and the date and time of your journey
0886 780 355 Blantyre
0886 780 356 Lilongwe
0882 946 650 Mzuzu
0886 240 840 Mangochi


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