# Terms and Conditions
1 Kwezy Buses reserves the right to allow a ticket holder to board their coaches
2 This ticket is issued without alternations
3 Damaged/Disfigured/Torn tickets will not be deemed valid
4 This ticket is not transferrable unless necessary arrangements and procedures have been made with kwezy Buses.
5 Kwezy Buses reserves the right to ask for identification of the person intending to use this ticket.
6 Hazardous items ie. weapons, flammable products and anything which is prohibited under the LAWS OF MALAWI shall not be allowed on board.
7 Livestock, domesticated or wild, shall not be allowed on board unless verified papers are held and boarding of such be confined to the cargo section of the bus.
8 This ticket cannot be cashed or refunded.
9 This ticket is valid for the three weeks from the initial date of travel
10 Kwezy Buses will not compensate for loss of business due to late departure/arrival, breakdown, change of direction or whatsoever to the holder of this ticket.
11 Any change of booking communicated to Kwezy Buses before departure time will be subjected will be subjected to a reschedule fee of k10,000. Changes communicated after the tickets departure time within the tickets validity period shall be subjected to k15,000 reschedule fee.
12 Passenger(s) travelling on this ticket shall be allowed one bag of 25KG check-in luggage measuring not more than 0.2. All excess luggage shall be sharged as follows per excess KG: k300(Blantyre - Lilongwe route) and k400 (Blantyre - Mzuzu route)
13 Any loss of hand luggage shall not attract liability on Kwezy Buses. The loss of checked-in luggage will not attract any liability and compensation will be at the rate of MWK2,000.00 (two thousand kwacha only) per KG.
14 Any attempt to use a stolen ticket will result in criminal presecution.
15 If ticket is lost or stolen please report to kwezy Buses offices or contact Kwezy Buses on 0886 780 335 or 0882 946 650
16 For further terms and conditions applicable to this ticket and any enquiries please contact Kwezy Buses.

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